Under the law, you may be eligible for a borrower defense to repayment discharge of the federal Direct Loans you took out to attend a school if that school committed fraud by doing something or failing to do something, misrepresented its services, or otherwise violated applicable state law related to your loans or the educational services you paid for. This can apply to you regardless of whether your school closed or you are otherwise eligible for a loan discharge under other applicable laws. The law requires borrowers to submit a claim in order to receive debt relief. Through borrower defense to repayment, you may be able to have your entire outstanding federal Direct Loan forgiven and be reimbursed for amounts you have already paid. Please note that the U.S. Department of Education will acknowledge a borrower’s claim under state law as a defense to repayment of a loan only if the cause of action directly relates to the loan or to the school’s provision of educational services for which the loan was provided. It will not recognize, as a defense against repayment of the loan, borrower claims that are not directly related to the loan or the educational services, such as personal injury tort claims or claims based on allegations of harassment.